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(Bleak Insight)

Forced by suspicion, the heartache is mine
I state my position, I'm losing my mind
Today is a sad day, torment, despair
My life in dismay, a tragic affair
When will it end? This heartache and pain
When will it end? Forever in shame
This empty feeling, the rain cold as ice
I stare at the ceiling with tears in my eyes
So this is misery, I now know
I'm left in agony and sorrow
So this is misery, black shadow
I hear them calling me, oh God no
Down on your knees, pray for me, needles and pins
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, I'm so confused
Can't forgive, can't forget, so many, many lies
Down on your knees, pray for me, enough, is enough
I live in isolation without reason, I'm living on the wire
Complete assassination, breakdown begun, body, mind entire
A morbid fascination you have undone, I feel it burning fire
All through my loneliness,, I think of you
With a trace of bitterness, I need to be with you
The bells of hell, I know them well, I can't forget
Look in my eyes, see all your lies, and my regret
This is the end, the light fading fast
I suffer alone, remember the past
Running beyond, you drift out of sight
My fear of the night, I can't fight
I see the door, in front of your face
I've lost the key, impossible case
Inside my head, so much delicate pain
Again and again, it's insane
I need your help to get me out of here
I can't escape from this dark atmosphere
Suffocate under the edge of time
Expectations leave me all behind
The bells of hell, I know them well
My darkest dawn, my crown of thorn
I'm tired and worn, my darkest dawn
It hurts down inside
So this is misery, I now know, I'm left in agony
So this is misery, black shadow, I hear them calling me
Help me find a way out.