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(Festival Of The Spoons)

No, not me, down I fall
Someone help me end it all
My heart is bleeding like its never bled before
I stand alone
The pain is heavy I can't take it anymore
I turn to stone
Misery and pain, now that love is gone
Every day the same, where did I go wrong?
I want to know, why did you lie?
I want to know your reasons why?
I want to know, can you explain?
Before I go insane
I've lost control of mind and soul
I lock the door, their voices call
Its madness
How can I forget you?
After all we've been through
I can't go on without you
Not even if I have to
I can't hide the void within
It's deep inside, under my skin
Rejection, depression, is it true our love is over?
So now on my own, I feel so lost, so weak
Someone help me through my despair
Lost completely, going nowhere
All through my heart the draining power
The end is nigh
I can't escape my bleakest hour
Break down and possibly cry
Oooh God
Storm clouds bring the rain again
Hail in my eyes
Cut down bleed in vain again
Feed me your lies
I can't hide, the void within
Deep inside, the void within
Desperation comes my way
Emotions flag me down
Hypnotised I only gaze
You're nowhere to be found
Oooh God
Naked pain inside my head, inside my broken heart
I can't believe our love is dead, its tearing me apart
I ache for you, inside my solitude
Isolation, desolation, what am I to do
Unloved, alone
I stand and and I stare
Above, below
It's almost always there
Devoid of energy, through day and through night
What have you done to me? I've lost the fight
I've lost my sanity, funereal bell
No sense of reality, It's heaven in hell
Dark angel calling me, through cemetery gate
With greater intensity, for death I wait