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Green Grass Blindness

(The Rubber Room sessions)

Inhale deeply, take a breath, fall into a finer state of consciousness
Recline into yourself and let your mind flow free
Close your eyes, you will find there’s more to see

Reality is fading, there’s no need for masquerading now
I’m here, leave your fear behind you. It will only blind you
Drifting on sensitivity. Oceans wash over me

Listen closely, do you hear? It blurs around the edges, let it disappear
Anything is possible if you believe
Everything’s attainable if you can see

Reality is fading, there’s no need for masquerading now
I’m here, leave your fear behind you. The blindness inside you
Floating and truth comes like a dream
In envelopes, in constant streams

Come with me my only one, come find a solution

Now we must drive out these ghosts
Ghosts that live beneath our table
Ghosts that feed upon our scraps
When they are able

So in a trance we danced our slow dance
Blindly searched for love and romance
Danced around the conference table
Ignored the only choice available
So come with me, take a chance
So come with me one last dance
One chance, one last dance

Helter Skelter, falling free, swept around like autumn leaves
Intertwine, interweave, a coil of smoke caught in the breeze
I’ll take you to a distant sky, where everyone knows how and why
I’ll take you to an understanding, we can make this less demanding
We can make this less demanding, we’ll make it less demanding

Intimate thoughts cut through our confusion
As we become one I search for solution
I see the whole picture, it all becomes clearer
Everything we are is part of the mixture
I see the sunlight shine through the cloud
I see the future devoid of its frown
An orchestra plays on the side of the hill
The grass is much greener when we’re not standing still
The slower the tempo the darker the tune
The deeper the contact the stronger the perfume
In our blackest moments when all else is death
We will rise like the phoenix discarding the blindness
Our green grass blindness