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Magnolia Siege

Some notes, thoughts & reminiscences

Dave S:

This and Rubber were a funny place for me, between a rock and a hard place. A transitional period.


The Rubber Room EP shows Sevenchurch looking for a different direction. Noise were giving us plenty of pressure and complaining of poor sales. The rumours of their own financial problems were spreading and we in turn felt badly let down by their empty promises of getting us on tour support slots. Grahaeme had left the band by mutual agreement and we had brought in a very different style of drummer in Dougie Stephens. We felt that the public didn't particularly want to hear our music so we were searching for a way of tweaking our master plan. Then Raging Slab's 'Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert' came out to much acclaim. They were trying to combine their love for Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd and both Dave S. and I certainly also had a great love for Southern Rock. We liked the Raging Slab CD a lot but felt that it could be done even better and I think that's the direction we were heading on these tracks. The songs became shorter and more verse-chorus in construction.

Magnolia Siege certainly has strangest lyrics of any of Sevenchurch songs. Written by madman Martin, I have no idea what it is about but I do particularly love the lines in the middle section where Martin sings "I put you head in a bucket, it made you sad"!

It became a big live favourite, again I think the outrageous lyrics helped here. People would come up to us all the time to ask us about this song. The audience loved being shocked by this song.



Rams Skull Artwork by Darren Green/Paul Oliver